About Us

Peg Moore began her business, Moore Organized, in 2008 and is an active member of NAPO-The National Association of Professional Organizers-The Organizing Authority®. Prior to becoming an organizing consultant, Peg worked as a registered nurse and was a wife and home schooling mother of three. As she discovered in her own life, the freedom that being organized brings, she developed a passion for sharing this with others. She began to help family and friends find solutions to the dilemma of ‘what to do” with “all the stuff” in their lives. Moore Organized was a natural outcome of these experiences.

Moore Organized is a professional organizing service that uses proven strategies and systems to help you eliminate and control the clutter and disorganization in your home and life.

Together with you, Peg will create a plan to reach your desired goals. She stresses working side by side with her clients in order for results to be successful. Peg can organize “for” someone but unless the client is involved in the process and an active participant in learning how to change old habits, she is not truly helping them. Clients feel comfortable with Peg’s sensitive and respectful attitude toward them as an individual. All consultation, discussion, and work done in your home are always completely confidential.

Peg looks forward to working with you at “clearing the clutter” and storing the stuff” and thus achieving “moore” freedom in your life to enjoy what you love the most!






PEG MOORE • Tel: 315-420-4569 • mooreorganized7@gmail.com