"I could not be happier with the result of my experience with Peg of Moore Organized. She was kind, understanding, patient, and focused as we delved into boxes I had carried with me through several moves and piles of papers that had accumulated on my desk, shelves, and floor. In many cases the contents had significant emotional value, and it was challenging to even look at them, much less sort through them. Her encouragement and support were invaluable in this process. Following her visit, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how much I had learned from her and how I was able to keep using the techniques and approaches she had demonstrated. I am a bit giddy to realize that I now actually know exactly what is stored in my two closets and can now locate things quickly and know where they belong. In fact, I don't really know how to describe the relief, peace, and newfound energy that came from sorting through my clutter with Peg's expert help."


"When I met Peg from Moore Organized, I had just moved into my apartment and was having a hard time because I was feeling helpless and overwhelmed, especially being disabled. Peg did miracles. She came into my home and was ready to go on our first visit. We started with "before" pictures. Then we discussed a ton of suggestions which later became great solutions. I had more "stuff" than your average person being a crafter, card maker, and scrap booker, but that didn't stop Peg. She's not just an organizer but an "organization coach" who created fun, simple and inexpensive solutions for me. I highly recommend Moore Organized as a solution to all your clutter, loving memories, tossables and saveables. Now that my stuff is all organized and neat, I feel better about myself. I entertain my family and friends more. I truly enjoy my "moore" organized apartment! We ended with "after" pictures and they are great proof of what Peg did for me. Thank you."

Maggie D

"I would like to recommend "Moore" Organized as a creative solution to anyone struggling with clutter, schedules, and challenges facing every household.  I was having a difficult time managing my house efficiently, so I contacted Peg Moore as a consultant.  She came to my home on time, really listened to me, evaluated my personal concerns and thoughtfully suggested several original plans.  Moore Organized is not a typical organizational business which might dictate or require the same ideas for everyone.  Instead, Peg is unique in her approach to each and every individual, guiding and instructing workable everlasting resolutions.  I would encourage everyone to get acquainted with Peg Moore and you too will be recommending to your friends to get "Moore" Organized."
Thank you,
Christine R.

"Peg was a Godsend!

With a household consisting of two cats, three boys and a pack rat mom (me), I
was deluged with a store room full to overflowing and a deadline to get packed
for an out-of-state move. Without a clue as to how to organize, I felt paralyzed
in knowing where to start.

Step by step, Peg took me through the process with her patience and
guidance, shelf by shelf, pile by pile. In a very short time, I felt empowered
and educated to complete the task on my own.

With the many shortcuts and tips Peg shared with me, I learned that it just
takes a bit of effort every day to keep the rest of my household organized and
clutter free. The most important lesson was to not look at the total picture but
attack the problem in sections so it does not become overwhelming."

Martha B.


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