Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer here to any question you have, please don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone.

Q: What does an organizing session look like?

A: I offer a free one hour consultation in your home. We'll take a tour of the area(s) you want to organize and I'll ask you questions about your needs, both physically and emotionally. You'll be able to ask me questions and express any concerns. Together, we'll make a plan and schedule an appointment for the next time to meet. At that next meeting, we'll work together organizing the areas we discussed. I recommend starting with an "easy" spot so we can see how we work together and you feel some accomplishment quickly! We'll work for no more than 3 hours at a time in that this can be very tiring. As you see results, though, you'll begin to feel energized to continue! Depending on the project, we'll finish up that day or schedule further meetings. I often, if you're willing, will give you "homework" so you can keep going between meetings. If you ever have any questions, you're always welcome to call me.

Q: How long will it take to get organized?

A: There are several factors that will determine how long a project will take...the size of the space to be organized, how much stuff is in the space, how easy it is for you to make decisions and if you are willing to do "homework" in between meetings. I will guide you as we go along so that you see progress and feel the freedom that comes from that!

Q: I’m embarrassed for you to see my mess.

A: It’s completely normal to feel this way and many people express this to me. You’ll quickly realize that I don’t judge…I’m here to help you. It’s OK.

Q: I'm feeling overwhelmed. Am I really ready to do this?

A: If you’re ready to get organized, I can help. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll feel encouraged and hopeful. If you’re not ready to get organized, I can help you move in the direction of being so.

Q: I'm nervous that you'll make me get rid of things I don't want to.

A: As we go along in the project, we will be communicating about how you're feeling and if you're satisfied. I will never push you to implement any change you're not comfortable with. We'll work as a team. I want you to be very happy with the results!

Q: Is there anything I should do or buy before you come to my home?

A: I suggest you wait before buying bins or other organizing supplies. As we progress with the project, I will recommend and help you purchase whatever supplies you'll need. Please don't try to "clean up" before I get's best if we start from the beginning together!

Q: Is our work together confidential?

A: Absolutely. Your information will not be shared with anyone. I am committed to the Code of Ethics of The National Association of Professional Organizers.

Q: What if I need help after I get organized?

A: I’m glad to make follow-up calls and appointments. Backsliding can be part of the natural process on the way to getting and remaining organized. However, before we complete the project, I will coach you as to how to prevent this, if possible.



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